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Founded by five Swedes in 1999


Who we are

B-Reel is a creative partner. We create meaningful experiences through innovation in storytelling, technology, entertainment and products.

We’ve shared the same vision since our inception in 1999: to offer fully integrated solutions to the smartest and most demanding clients in the world. Today, B-Reel commands a global presence, with offices in Stockholm, New York, London, Los Angeles, Berlin and Barcelona. Our staff is made up of award-winning creatives, technologists, designers, writers, strategists, product developers, artists, directors and producers, which add up to a multidisciplinary team of 150 employees and 19 different nationalities. We champion a highly collaborative process with our clients and partners, which has resulted in work for virtually every medium. Although we are digitally minded, we’ve created and produced integrated digital campaigns, TV commercials, documentaries, web experiences, online shows, mobile experiences, games, interactive installations, visual identities, out of home, print, and products.

We’d like our partners and clients to know they’re in good hands. Ad Age and Creativity named B-Reel Production Company of The Year in both 2010 and 2011, describing it as “in a league of its own”. Ad Age also included B-Reel in their Digital A-List 2012. We’re the most awarded company ever by the FWA, and we’re honored to have brought, among others, four Cannes Lions Grand Prix, a Black Pencil from D&AD and a Guinness World Record to some of our clients. We believe that nothing is impossible, that formulas don’t always work, and that working with nice, fun and talented people always results in outstanding and effective work.

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B-Reel Digital creates interactivity for web, mobile and the physical world.

From experiential storytelling projects to digital services to physical-digital contraptions - we do it all. Since our foundation in 1999 our goal has been to use digital technology to create experiences with a deep impact. Our teams are made up of multi-talented creatives, technologists and producers, passionately curious about using technology in new ways. We love doing things that haven’t been done before and in partnership with the other B-Reel departments we can offer a unique way to bridge the gap between content and technology, between narrative and interactive experience.

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B-Reel Commercials is our film production department.

We love making TV commercials as well as fusing traditional storytelling with cutting edge technology on all platforms. But as impressive as the latest and greatest technology can be it’s nothing without a thorough understanding of how to tell a story in a way that moves the audience. Our film executives have been in the business of doing just that for the past 15 years at B-Reel: producing award winning commercials, drama series and feature films. B-Reel Commercials’ global director roster includes Jeffery Plansker, Anders Hallberg, Filip Tellander, Jon+Torey, Jesper Hiro, Steven Tsuchida, Kief Davidson, Patrik Bergh, Tom Malmros, Mikael Marcimain, Johan Perjus, Jens Sjögren, Josh Miller, Magnus Härdner, Kristian Patri (Europe) and Anders Forsman. The co-operation within B-Reel between our digital and film teams provides exciting synergies that makes us better equipped to meet the challenges of the future of advertising, but above all, it’s a lot of fun!

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B-Reel Feature Films aims to make the most interesting films in Scandinavia with high standards of quality and international ambitions.

As the distinction between real and fictional, digital and virtual continue to blur, B-Reel Feature Films has a unique position. With the technical savvy from digital productions combined with the solid experience of traditional filmmaking B-Reel can navigate through the emerging, digitally integrated, but still story driven, world of the future. Over the next few years B-Reel Feature Films will continue to build on this position and explore new, groundbreaking integrated projects as well as more traditional international movie projects, re-makes and co-productions, including expanding into English language production.

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