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Tired of interviewing? Us too.

November 18, 2016

Recruitment sucks.

So when looking to fill our ranks with a few more super talented weirdos, we wanted to make the interview process as fun as humanly possible. Behold, Claw Your Way to the Top. An arcade-style interview grabbing game that allows anyone with an internet connection a chance win an interview with B-Reel.

Claw Your Way To The Top is an arcade claw machine that we refurbished and hacked to enable gameplay via the internet. It came with its own motherboard that issued credits based on a coin and dollar reader, moved the motors in response to the joystick and prevented the claw from slamming into the walls and floors based on switches in various places inside the machine. Naturally we used a raspberry pi and some custom wiring to hack into all those inputs and outputs so we could write our software to control it. The raspberry pi has a fixed IP address that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, which we moderate using a queue so only one player at a time can control it.

The Claw (proper noun) is filled with 3-D printed prizes that we designed, printed, and hand-painted in-house. Each prize represents a different interview - most of which are far from ordinary. For instance, this prize touts the face of our managing creative director, Jed Grossman, on the body of a chicken. The winner of this interview will be interviewed while eating fried chicken with Jed.


Or this, whoever snags this interview will be interviewed while riding a segway.


Other interviews include an interview while getting a massage, interview on a tandem bike, very slow interview, 3 hour interview and 30 second interview. There are a couple of normalish ones in there too, like an in-person interview and an interview over Hangouts. 

Winners of Claw Your Way To The Top interviews will be notified via email and interviews will be conducted in the new year. Smart people, please win. Not so smart people, you could win too. Go to and grab your dream job by the claws.

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