Creative Director

Berlin office

We’re looking for an experienced and energetic senior digital creative to be one of the show runners of our Berlin team.

The right person has a true digital background - design, technical or both. You must have a strong knowledge and understanding of digital and traditional advertising. We’re looking for a leader with a vision - someone great with concepts, who writes seductive, brilliant treatments, and can work a room of smart clients and the world’s tip-top creatives. We’re thrilled that you love every part of production and know it all thoroughly, not to mention your great aesthetic taste and gift for teamwork. We’re tickled pink by your knowledge of animation and film production.

Basically we’re looking for a true talented, nice, multi-skilled team player that has what it takes to make projects like those in our portfolio happen again and again.

As part of the management team, the Creative Director is a key member and visionary of our growing Berlin office. While the B-Reel group is very collaborative, flat and open, the management team has slightly more of an inside scoop than everyone else. 


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