Creative Director

New York office

We’re looking for an experienced and energetic senior creative that has a true digital background - design, technical or both. You must have a strong knowledge and understanding of digital, film and traditional advertising. We’re looking for a leader with a vision - someone great with concepts, who writes seductive, brilliant treatments, and can work a room of smart clients and the world’s top level creatives. Things we like: Exposure to animation, solid coding skills and film production experience. Things we love: An in-depth understanding of digital production, great aesthetic taste and an appreciation for teamwork.  Creative Directors follow the production from start to finish and oversee every part of the production to encourage team members to seek innovation and perfection.

Examples of tasks:

  • You oversee the development of creative; combining strategy, interactive and brand design, creative content and technology
  • You stay abreast of internal design reviews (across key engagements) to maintain quality and mentor the design team.
  • You use this knowledge to provide senior-level creative guidance across the disciplines, including but not limited to motion design, interactive design, UX, and art direction.
  • You take part in hiring, mentoring, supervising and guiding creative team members to fulfill their full potential.
  • You participate in new business pitches to win new, and extend existing client relationships.
  • You advocate to sell creative work that inspires the studio and builds our portfolio.
  • You work with the MD and EP to plan, develop, and protect budget recommendations, project goals, and training requirements necessary to provide both profitable and quality service to clients.
  • You provide detailed information and cost estimates to plan and develop functional objectives and budgets leading to stable and profitable projects.
  • You critically evaluate potential new engagements for the appropriate fit.
  • Support the management team in planning projects with pertinent skill sets and experiences.
  • Continually explore opportunities to enhance, improve, and expand our portfolio.
  • You should work with creative leadership across multiple offices and disciplines to evolve the creative process.
  • On key engagements, facilitate work-sessions for clients and the design team.
  • Help to defuse problems and put forward solutions that are in the best interest of the company and employees.
  • Creative Directors acts as "super conductors" within B-Reel, scouting and channeling knowledge and inspiration from within the company as well as bringing input from the outside.
  • You represent and present B-Reel at industry events and conferences.
  • You will assist all disciplines in strategically translating the direction of a client’s business, brand, service or product into creative solutions.

Basically we’re looking for a truly talented, nice, multi-skilled leader that has what it takes to make projects like those in our portfolio happen again and again.

Since we work in a highly collaborative environment, we want someone who values the voice of the others around them, no power trips please.

As part of 4-5 person management team, the Creative Director is a key member and visionary of maintaining and growing our New York City office.


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