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Ariel Fashion Shoot

The Ariel Fashion shoot project is really a dream come true. We’ve been longing for a project involving an industrial robot that user could take control over through their browsers and now we’ve finally found it!

The installation is a treat in itself where 4 staff members work during the 6 hour shifts maintaining the logistics inside the glass box, cleaning the shooting area twice every hour, washing the stained garments and most importantly keeping track of all shots, picking out the winners live and serving up the proof- hit photos of the stained garment, photos that are immediately distributed to the winner to share and brag about to envious friends and family.

Additionally B-Reel Films shot and produced a TVC and a series of personalized film teasers sent out to 14 influential bloggers around Scandinavia. The films were delivered together with a bright and clean designer garment and showing the robot brutally staining the clean piece they just received.

The process to build this monster has been extremely exciting and at the same time very challenging. We partnered up with Atomgruppen and we are proud to have been able to work together with a set of skilled people from a multitude of disciplines; robot programmers, prop makers, universal geniuses and any many more that has made this dream a reality.

We are proud and happy to be a part of the robot revolution!

The users connects through a custom Facebook application and are then ready to sign into the queue – since only one user can control the robot at any time. When shooting the user has 3 shots, one with each of the sauces, within 30 seconds and can control the aim and power of each shot. Once a user hits a garment the on-site staff throws it into the washer together with Ariel Active Lift liquid detergent, dries them and sends the crispy white trophy home to the lucky winner.

The Fashion shoot is a live installation during 6 days at Stockholm Central station where users are able to control a live ABB robot inside a giant glass box where the goal is to shoot and stain moving garments to win them. The robot is equipped with a custom designed “Stain blaster” that allows the users to fire controlled jets through precisely controlled nozzles connected to pressurized canisters filled with gallons of chocolate drink, lingon berry jam and ketchup.

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