Building The Web Together

Google Chrome

A video celebrating the contribution of web developers over the past 20 years.

For the 2013 Google I/O conference, Google Chrome wanted to thank all the developers that helped make the web what it is today. They reached out to B-Reel to help them tell the story of the web from the internets initial conception by Tim Berners-Lee all the way through present day. From a humble beginning of static text, images, and links, the web has grown into a rich platform teeming with interactive content and powerful applications. 

We began by thoroughly researching the history of the net making sure that the facts we presented were accurate and compelling to the developer community. We carefully selected the most exciting moments in webs history. We even analyzed the pixel density of screens and the method that early browsers used to load web pages. The video follows the history of the web to the present day frontier of mobile devices. B-Reel is very interested in contributing to the evolution of the web and thankful to those who have broken barriers before us. It was important to us that the piece struck a cord with developers that made the work we do possible. In a short time the internet has changed so much about the world around us and shows the staggering potential of collaboration. We were honored to be able to thank such a large and active developer community for their contribution. 
B-Reel created all materials in house including design and editing and worked with Christopher Leary to create a custom score for the piece.

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