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Escape Flight

100% B-Reel juice

Escape Flight was the first smart flight search service that understood what you wanted and showed only the very best options for your weekend getaway. From ideation to distribution, Escape Flight was 100% powered by B-Reel.

When you have the world at your fingertips and only a weekend to spare, deciding where to travel can often be quite overwhelming. Finding a good deal is hard when you're sifting through hundreds different offers, hoping for that perfect weekend break, without the catch. We believe there’s a smarter way.

We called it Escape Flight. It was a free online service that has been specifically designed for people in big cities, who need a last-minute weekend getaway, but can’t afford to do all the ground work themselves. 

Escape Flight was widely acclaimed for it's beautiful yet simple interface and intuitive design. 

If you don’t know where you want to go, great! You’re exactly the type of person Escape Flight was made for. All you had to do was tell us what you’re interested in, when and where you want to leave, and Escape Flight did the rest.

The project was about providing a smarter search that understands you and only shows you what you want to see, answers ...Not hundreds, but a handful of carefully curated results.
We created a one-stop, travel-agent-defying algorithm that considers your personal interests, the weather, your preferred airport, flight times, potential destinations (...including how easy they are to reach), even if there is an event on you might like, and of course not forgetting the cost.
If you were seeking the sunshine above all else, Escape Flight provided you with up to 10 destinations with flight criteria that would convince you to put away your pocket umbrella (at least for the weekend).
All Escape Flight options were weekend only: leaving Friday evening and returning Sunday night. 

This is what happens when UX and design meet travel and flights.

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