Corvette Stingray

2014 Biometric Test Drive

Biometric Test Drive

The 2014 Corvette Stingray is a precisely crafted, designed to enhance driving ability regardless of the driver's skillset. We invited a professional driver and 5 unique people to take part in the world's first reverse test drive. Where people did not just test the Stingray but the Stingray actually tested them.

We strapped each driver with the latest in remote biometric monitoring systems, allowing us to precisely measure vital responses to driving the Stingray. EEG data, which measures voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic flows within the neurons of the brain, was measured using the BrainAvatar system. Other vitals including electrocardiography, heart rate, and respiration were measured using a BodyGuardian monitoring system. From feelings of trepidation to increased calmness/ fearlessness, we found each driver reacted differently when they drove laps around the track, with our pro-driver providing the baseline for comparison. 

The Stingray itself was fitted with a V-Box recording device, allowing us to gather precise data on the performance of the vehicle. Velocity, track position, engine speed, and G-Force were only a few of the variables we were able to use to assess each driver's performance. 

Directed by Jon + Torey, we filmed the Biometric Test Drive at the Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch 54 miles West of Las Vegas, in Palrump, Nevada over three days. We created 5 short documentaries and all the motion graphics on each driver. 

We also built an interactive game experience around our pro driver that tested users' cognitive behavior based on actual car features of the Stingray (e.g. 7-speed transmission, aerodynamics, driver mode Selector & electronic limited-slip differential).

Play the interactive challenge now. How precise are you?

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