H&M Holiday 2013


The H&M Holiday 2013 campaign tells a story of how a family and their friends celebrate the ultimate holiday in an old manor.

Together with H&M we’ve created an integrated campaign for the Holiday 2013 collection, starring the supermodel and fashion icon Christy Turlington Burns, along with A-list models Doutzen Kroes and Liu Wen.

The TVC was shot by our director Johan Perjus, during three days in an old manor outside London. From the outset of the project, director Perjus collaborated closely with Strange Cargo and the H&M CD Nicklas Åhren to develop the spot’s script and overall vision. The spot began airing in Europe in mid November. 

The H&M Holiday digital campaign is the extension of the rich world we encounter in the TVC and the print, offering the visitors an enhanced experience to explore the twisted stories inside the amazing old manor.

The interactive journey tells the story of the ultimate holiday, a time of togetherness, that inspires the user to shop holiday gifts. All in an experience - tailored around a twist.
To make the digital experience more than just a product walkthrough, we created extra material that extended the story and presented the clothing and accessories in detail. We designed the whole experience in a luxurious collage setup, mixing assets from the fashion shot, details of the interior, cinemagraphic loops and interactive modules.
The interactive modules were created in 3D and were seamlessly integrated into the scenes. To tease the user to open up the boxes with “secret” products, we created a huge amount of H&M seasonal wrapped packages falling through a door and added flying gift boxes inside the rooms.
In addition to the fashion shots, made by photographer Alex Lubomirski, we had our own photographer shooting the extra digital assets we needed to create our vision.
The soundtrack for the Holiday 2013 spot was created by Magnus Frykberg.
For the digital campaign we, together with Plan8, adapted the track and created a soundscape that acts as an invisible blanket and envelop the story and heighten the whole experience. The overall sound design reflects the environments and changes in tonality between the different departments and reinforces the interactive scenes where deeper exploration takes place.

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