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They Will Eat You


When chemical waste from a factory seeps into the ground of a nearby cemetery, it’s residents wake up and they are hungry. You find yourself alone in the cemetery on that fateful night and must do your best to survive.

“They Will Eat You” is a frightening HTML5 Experiment developed by B-Reel. The game works on all modern browsers and requires no plugins. The game uses local storage which allows players to see their best scores and share them with friends.

The game is complete with an animation explaining how the dead were awoken and a Zombie Education section providing information that may be useful in the event of a real zombie attack. A terrifying selection of original audio was created for both the animation and the game.

All effects were created using CSS3 and HTML5 video and audio.
WebGL was used to create an interactive 3D environment where players find themselves being chased by by an ever multiplying hoard of zombies.
You better start running because they will eat you!

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