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A Living Soul

A film by Henry Moore Selder. Based on the novel by P C Jersild

A submerged self wakes up in a laboratory. Gradually we understand that it's the subjective perspective of Ypsilon, a human brain being kept alive artificially. With black humour and with focus on the human relations, we follow Ypsilon's path from mere consciousness to the development of a personality.
Based on P C Jersild's controversial novel from 1980.

View the site: http://www.a-living-soul.com/
  • Format
    • Nouvella Film
  • Status
    • Completed
  • Director
    • Henry Moore Selder
  • Writer
    • Peter Modestij
  • Producers
    • Cecilia Nessen
    • Patrik Andersson
    • Fredrik Heinig
  • Co-production
    • Sveriges Television
    • Swiss
    • Chimney
    • Filmefex Studio
  • With Support From
    • Swedish Film Institute
  • Featuring
    • Louise Peterhoff - Emma
    • Claes Ljungmark - The Professor
    • Stina Ekblad - The Associate Professor
    • Christoffer Svensson - PhD
  • Cinematographer
    • Gustav Danielsson
  • Composer
    • Daniel Fagerström
  • Production Designer
    • Robert Bohman
  • Editor
    • Henry Moore Selder
    • Joakim Pietras
  • Costume Design
    • Anna Svärdendahl
  • Line Producer
    • John R. Hallström

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