HTC Vive

Client: HTC, Google

Global launch campaign

Gaming gets real

In 2016, HTC is poised to redefine VR, with the launch of the Vive. The state-of-the-art VR headset ships with two wireless controllers, and room-scale motion tracking - enabling a world first virtual reality gaming experience controlled by body movement. We created a launch campaign that blurs the line between real and virtual, with movement at its heart.

To give gamers a taste of the real thing, we created a browser based 3D game, controlled by swinging, slashing and waving your paired mobile device. The crazier the movement the better. The challenge is to complete the game and prove you’re ‘Vive Ready’.

We pushed WebGL and WebAudio technologies to create a unique experience combining gaming, storytelling and physical movement - all delivered through standard devices available to all.

We seeded the Vive concept on YouTube by turning classic gaming genres into eight real life street stunt films. Each set-up sprang an amusing physical game scenario onto unsuspecting members of the public for an on-the-spot ‘Vive Ready’ test. YouTube viewers were then invited to play the game and take their own test.

  • FWA x3
  • Awwwards x2

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