Inbox by Gmail

Client: Google

Branding, product site, launch film

An email inbox that works for you

Everything we do in our lives creates email. Pretty much every person we meet, thing we buy appointment we make or trip we book shows up in our inbox. It can be overwhelming and Google wondered if there was a better way to manage it all.

Inbox by Gmail is a new, more intuitive way to manage email. We worked with the product team at Google to create the name and branding and then introduce it to the world through a site and film.

The launch generated a flurry of press attention and reestablished Google as the architects of a better email experience.

“Material Design is clearly at work in the Inbox app, with its flat UI look and bold colors. It looks equally good on iOS and Android phones, and was designed with mobile devices in mind.”

Digital Trends

“With Inbox’s icon-driven interface, the most prominently displayed options are for pinning, snoozing or marking an email as done”


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