Mac Cosmetics Backstage Hub

Client: MAC Cosmetics

Custom Tumblr and search API

See MAC up close; backstage and in the spotlight

To showcase their reach with professional makeup artists and their huge role in the big four Fashion Weeks, we partnered with MAC Cosmetics to create a custom Tumblr that offers a window into the brand’s backstage presence.

MAC needed a platform robust enough to showcase the abundance of content coming out of several hundred fashion events per year, while also consolidating and delivering it in real-time to their social audience.

We developed a fully responsive custom Tumblr with an elegant design that keeps the spotlight on the content. Clear organization and subtle animations create a chic home for the incredible artistry behind MAC.

To accommodate the breadth of content, we added multi-tag filtering and search functionality that was beyond the existing Tumblr API. Through some tricky lines of code we were able to push the limits of this platform and create a smarter experience for users.

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