Midwinter Light Up

Client: Nacka strand

An interactive experiential event

An interactive music sequencer to lend light to the darkest night of the year

In the dead of winter Stockholm is dark. Really dark. 3 hours of daylight dark. Never ones to refuse a challenge, we collaborated with Graviz, Plan 8, and Obscura Digital to turn up the night.

With the entire facade of a building on loan from the Carlyle Group we created a giant music sequencer controlled by participants from anywhere around the world along with a live web stream so the impromptu musicians could see their beats in real time.

Drawing inspiration from the Nordic Northern Lights, our light show lit up an otherwise sleepy neighborhood. We invited the world to join us in defying the darkness, and together we brightened the darkest night of the year.

“Swedish winter nights are long and dark, but this winter B-Reel lit them up with a stunning light show that turned some vacant buildings into an architectural graphic equalizer.”

  • FWA x2
  • Howww

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