Client: Self-Initiated

Experiential light installation

Visualizing the unseen energies of our bodies

When the Fridman Gallery offered its space to us we seized the opportunity and set about creating Prana; a 12-foot LED sphere connecting humans to technology with one simple breath. With the viewer in the center, the sphere lights up with each inhalation, uniting the piece and the participant.

The installation was developed in-house and constructed from scratch, demanding inventive resourcefulness and dedication (and several sleepless nights) from the team. Using an experimental sensor typically found in medical research, PRANA straddles the intersection of art and technology.

PRANA was the centerpiece for talks, performances and events and a critical favorite of The Creator’s Project, Hyperallergic, Mashable and Gothamist, among others. The result of thoughtful design, meticulous craft and technological problem solving, PRANA takes a sophisticated technology and unites it with the simple, human act of taking a breath.

“Evocative of light artists like the renowned James Turrell.”


“Dazzling, mesmerizing, and fostered an actual connection between the artists’ concept and the audience.”

  • ADC

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