Google Earth Saroo's Search

Client: Google

Creative, Film

​Showing how Google Earth helped make the ultimate human connection

The major motion picture, Lion, was about to be released about Saroo Brierley, who spent nine hours every night for three years combing through thousands of miles of satellite images in Google Earth to find his home. Google wanted to create a compelling Google Earth-focused companion piece to Saroo’s story, emphasizing the technological feat of his search in a short form film. 

Our film followed Saroo narrating the story of how he used his memories of landmarks, weather and distance to find his home. We showed the scale of his three year search in just over two minutes. To achieve this, we used Google Earth satellite imagery to recreate Saroo’s original search. Combined with Saroo’s hand-drawn maps and notes as overlay, this put into perspective for viewers this enormous challenge that took three years and the role Google Earth played to help him find his family.

The film accompanied film premieres across the country and Lion continues to get coverage and award recognition.

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