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Simulating Weight in VR

July 25, 2016

When designing for virtual reality, we can’t take anything for granted—even the most basic interactions.

At least, that’s what we learned the past few weeks in our first UX-focused VR sprint. We decided to try something different from our past VR projects, which were all fully-contained experiences meant to help us better understand the VR workflow. Instead, we would take a single interaction, dissect it, and try to push it further. In this case, we chose the very core action of picking things up to see if there was a way to imbue a sense of “weight” to objects in VR.

We set up a few scenes, each demonstrating a range of different interaction methods and objects. After whittling down to the most promising methods, we user tested with people around the office to get a sense of what worked well and what didn’t.

We came out of the sprint with some concrete findings around the intricacies of weight simulation, as well as plenty of other knowledge that we’re excited to apply to future projects.

Read the full details of our process, tests, and findings on Medium

Download the open source project on GitHub

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