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A note on the Covid-19 crisis

Published 3 months agoAnnouncements

For some time now, all our global teams have been working from home. It's powerful to see everyone come together to help each other out and continue to do great work as we make it through this situation. Our little network is oddly probably more closely connected now than ever before.

If there's one thing that we've learned since opening up shop 20 years ago, when the dotcom bubble was just about to burst, it's that when faced with new challenges, we find new solutions. When the world demands new answers, we ask new questions. Every thorn has its rose - there is something positive in every negative.

We've met challenges since 1999, although not at this depth, and history has taught us how to quickly adapt to new circumstances. Virtually, our doors will stay open and we are even more eager to create the most interesting work that builds strong, resilient brands. You know where to find us.

Stay safe, take a deep breath, exercise, sleep and give a hand to those who need it, and we will get through this too.

Uppåt, framåt.

//Anders Wahlquist, co-founder and CEO

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