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The News-Reel #2

Published a month agoCulture

Half way through April and spring is in the air! Here is your weekly toe-dip into the world of tech, culture and creativity.

Brand Actions

Audi Australia just launched a 4-hour meditative TV film of the open road called ‘The Drive.’

‘The Drive’ is a digital concept film made to deliver the soothing experience and beauty of the Australian landscapes to customers confined at home.

The Great American Takeout partnered with Coca-Cola to encourage Americans to support the restaurant industry. 

They gave out $10,000 in gift cards to select participants who uploaded their take-out meal on Tuesday.

Above | Audi "The Drive"

Stories and Entertainment

This London-based architect is reimagining maternity wards as “interstellar” experiences.

Stiliyana Minkovska’s Ultima Thule collection of chairs is designed to provide mothers more control over her delivery process and reproductive health in a “sanctuary-like” space.

Luxury and fashion is going into a spiritual awakening before our eyes.

The young generation’s growing taste for the spiritual is paving a new path for fashion brands, with religious symbols, astrology, tarot cards and crystals as guidelines.

Above | Stiliyana Minkovska

Business and Tech

According to Accenture, all businesses will be health businesses.

Examples include Disney considering temperature checks at its theme parks and Ferrari working with health experts to create a new safe working environment.

Bidets and the push for an environmentally-friendly butt, explained.

While uncommon in the US, the toilet paper-less gadget could be the environmental solution the world needs.

Above | Getty Images

Industry and Client

Apple and Google are planning to track the coronavirus with Bluetooth.

While not much details are disclosed, what is known is that they will use Bluetooth Low Energy technology for the new contact tracing system. 

Three new Hublot watches are now available for purchase, on WeChat.

Hublot is offering its new Big Bang MECA-10 Black Magic, retailing for $27,000 for the first time on WeChat, in response to the pandemic.

Above | Hublot/WeChat

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