Beyond the Rainbow

Pride is more than just a colorful celebration. Beyond the rainbow lies the real stories that give the flag its meaning. This can be easy to forget when almost every person, product and brand goes full rainbow once a year. 

H&M is showing their support for the LGBTQIA+ community with a campaign that turns each rainbow into a canvas for personal stories of pride that often get lost amongst the colors.

We developed a digital experience that lets anyone scan rainbow Pride flags — from actual flags to rainbow donuts, shampoo, teddy bears, clothing and everything in between. Once scanned, the viewer will be led #BeyondTheRainbow to a series of intimate, surprising, heartbreaking and joyful stories that let us feel what Pride really means.


The Future Can't Wait

In these times of rising conflicts, climate change and global pandemics, children's dreams of a brighter future have slipped further away. This campaign for Save The Children dramatizes the need to safeguard our hope for the future — the children.

Whether it’s the dream of access to clean water or blue skies free from threat, every dream, plan and hope that children carry for themselves and their future deserve to become reality - the future can’t wait.