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Claw Your Way to the Top

Recruitment can be a bit of a drab, sterile place for everyone involved. We set out to reinvent the way we’d look for talent — create a weird, fun-to-play game and then reward winners with interesting and unique interview scenarios. So, we bought an old claw machine and rigged it to enable gameplay via the internet.


The website allowed users to operate the claw machine live in our NYC office.

The machine was filled with 3D printed prizes that each represented a unique interview. Like a tandem bike interview, a massage interview, or surfing interview with our Chief Creative Officer.

Over the 6 week period that the Claw was live we had more than 5500 players try their hand at the claw. 220 of them were so good at clawing they won interviews. And another 300 submitted applications via the website. In the end 3 people were hired.

But Claw Your Way to the Top was never just about numbers, it was about turning over every rock, chicken wing, and tandem bicycle to find people we never would’ve discovered in a traditional job search.

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