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FENTY digital flagship

FENTY is the new groundbreaking luxury fashion maison created by Rihanna and luxury conglomerate LVMH. As a digital-only fashion house, FENTY is created around the shopping behavior of the modern luxury fashion consumer. We created a digital flagship store where stories of the collection, best-in-class e-commerce and brand community all come together.

FENTY is the destination for anyone wanting a piece of this new venture that is guaranteed to break with the conventions of luxury fashion, in a way only Rihanna can. There is no traditional collection release schedule, instead the site is built around an ongoing stream of Releases - mini collections and individual pieces inspired by Rihanna’s unique and ever changing look and style.

Without a traditional retail presence, a key challenge for any luxury fashion brand is to make people experience the quality of the products through a digital interface. The FENTY digital flagship presents all pieces in a Release in their full glory through a set of native interactive features.

FENTY aims to inspire everyone to feel and wear anything they want, rather than following something dictated by a brand. Instead of presenting finished looks, pieces in the collection are presented based on the concept of “stacking”, encouraging women and men to embrace and celebrate their own individual take on fashion.

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