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Flipping the Ladder

For seventy years, GANT has created clothing for curious professionals who push the world forward. B-Reel partners with the brand to bring their message of “Never Stop Learning” to forward-thinking people around the world. Flipping The Ladder is a feature-length documentary film, narrated by Rashida Jones, that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The film questions the established dogma of the career ladder and its relevance in modern society. 50% of workers today want to switch careers, but something is holding them back from acting on their dreams. We follow three people as they step away from the traditional upward-bound career path to seek out success on their own terms.

With this film, created in partnership with our sister company BRF, we aimed to educate, inspire and help even more curious people to take the first step into a whole new career.

As a sneak launch before Tribeca Film festival, we surprised selected professionals in the NYC financial district with a sneak screening - right as they were burning the midnight oil, perhaps pondering over their choice of career in that very moment. With the audio fed to their phones via a synced web application, they got the very first view of the documentary.

The campaign was supported by print, online and social media, that presented facts and inspiration in equal measure, encouraging you to watch the full documentary.

…and a website to actually advice and enable you to take the leap.

To finish it off, and set an example as a modern corporation, GANT issued their own open invitation to a “Flipternship”. Anyone curious of the business of fashion was welcome to join, even without any previous industry experience.

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