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Google Assistant Games

When you can play games with your voice, what kinds of new experiences are possible?

We joined forces with the Google Assistant team to find out. Together, we explored the frontiers of voice-ifying games in ways that were previously not possible. The result: two all-new (and very different) voice-controlled games for Google smart displays.

Building a voice-enabled game begins with three things: conversation, motive, and style. How can verbal interactions facilitate game play? What might motivate people to join in? And what styles — both spoken and written — are appropriate for the players?

We built our games to mirror how people engage with smart displays — voice driven and conversational. To determine what games would complement this new type of engagement, we started with lo-fi, interactive tests. Stickies on a whiteboard and cue cards indicated actions and responses. We were able to get an idea of which games would resonate with players at home.

Gnome Garden leans into the idea of ambient play, something you can come back to throughout the day. Since we are surrounded by so many devices, we aimed to create a more meditative game. Answer quirky questions from Gnorman the Gnome, and watch as your responses grow a beautiful garden. By asking randomly selected questions from various locations on the screen, the game ensures no two gardens will ever be the same.


Mime Jam is a multiplayer party game aimed at getting people up and out of their seats. Team up to act out random words and phrases that appear on your smart display, and see who can guess the most correct answers. Original designs and subtle motion graphics deliver a retro game show aesthetic for contemporary audiences.

As voice technology seeps into more of our media, we expect brands to enrich experiences with voice-first interactions. We’re thrilled to break the ice with our two Google Assistant games, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future of voice-enabled gaming.

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