Google Pixel Wallpapers

For over 6+ years, we’ve worked with the Pixel Team at Google to conceptualize and build interactive and generative Wallpapers. Each Wallpaper is a calming, delightful portrait of the technical smarts behind Pixel.

Some Wallpapers provide ambient information about your phone through subtle visualizations, while others react to changes in the environment.

Imagine: a flower that blossoms as you reach for your phone, abstract visuals that dance with the sound of your music, and even a real-time visualization of Earth that reminds you of your place in the world.


Afterpay Impossible Gift Finder

As the start of the 2021 holiday season spurred online shopping sprees, buy now-pay later service Afterpay launched their campaign “Afterpay your gift list”, and asked us to get it attention on their social media channels. After analyzing gifting behavior, we realized that everyone has an “impossible person” to buy for on their gift list, so we wondered, how do we help people find a gift for that one picky person?

Asking Santa never did adults any good, so we considered another nostalgic, mystical being who knew a thing or two about great gifts. Who better to give gift advice than the best gift of 1998?

Our campaign began with an epic teaser trailer, evoking the vibes of a late 90s holiday blockbuster. A deep soothing voiceover proudly pushed Furby into the spotlight as this holiday season's impossible gift finder. From there, audience freak-outs and gift requests started to roll in.

The campaign was a huge success for Afterpay, to the extent that a Change.org petition to bring back the original 1998 Furby was launched by a swell of Furby fans!

16M Social Video Views

95M+ earned media impressions

+185% increase in TikTok followers