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Live Wallpapers

Since the first release of Pixel, Google's much-loved smartphone, we’ve been collaborating with various teams at Google to help elevate the product experience, prototype new ideas, and grow the visual language of the phone. With each new release, we’ve designed interactive and generative visuals that make up calm, delightful portraits of the smarts behind Pixel. These live wallpapers ship with the product.

Some wallpapers extend the interface of the phone to the entire screen, providing ambient information through subtle data visualizations. Others react to changes in the environment, or reflect usage patterns of the product. Some are metaphors for the operating system, some blossom as you reach for your phone, some sway with sound, or your hand, or the wind, some give you a sense of place in the world, and some are just plain fun.

Astronomy—It’s easy to get lost in our smartphones, and sometimes it’s good to be reminded of the bigger picture at play. Marvelous Marble shows our planet in real-time, as clouds pass over your exact location. Sights from the Sun is a precise visualization of the planets and moons around us, seen… from the sun.

Geology—Dioramas explore Earth’s myriad landscapes, extracted from Google Earth and animated. Tilt Pixel to look around the 3D scenes, or try to spot the subtle animations that pace the experience.

Data—Ever wondered what goes on behind the glass? Compass uses Pixel’s GPS to visualize a user’s distance and orientation to a given point. Bubble up renders notifications as colored bubbles you can touch and feel.

With Pixel 4, wallpapers are now live in a dedicated app, all available for download. We’re thrilled to have been invited to open and explore this new canvas.

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