H&M Beauty - Make Up Stories

Why is it called makeup? It’s because you’re supposed to make it up as you go, and with every blush, lipstick and mascara stroke, you’ve got the power to Make Up Stories. For the launch of our global H&M Beauty campaign, we highlight 4 different styles of Mascaras as your trusted partner-in-crime.

Reformulated. Reimagined. Ready to Make Up Stories. Renowned makeup artist Raoúl Alejandre created all the featured looks in the campaign using either Volume Icon Lash, Max Drama Lash, Never-Ending Lash, and Forever Curled Lash - all with their individual characteristics and lash defining properties.

With bold, expressive and attention grabbing visuals, the film and key visuals puts the makeup range in a simple yet bold world that hero H&M Beauty’s white, red and black signature colours.


Stokke - An Ecosystem Of Tactical Design

We created a tactical design system for Stokke, merging product functionality and emotional storytelling. Playful graphics and branding extend across packaging, highlighting features, and assembly instructions, effectively conveying Stokke's brand values.