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LEE x H&M — Unzipped

Can fast-fashion be sustainable? Does H&M plan to reduce its number of collections? If we don’t ask the tough questions, who will? Lee x H&M isn’t just H&M’s most sustainable denim collection to date. It’s a conversation about sustainability, transparency, fashion and the future of our world.


As a start, we invited five creators from around the world to ask anything to the big guys at H&M. From Helena Helmersson, H&M’s CEO, to Pascal Brun, their Head of Sustainability, to Victoria Allen, the designer of the collection, and more… Remotely, through Google Hangouts with the help of our talented director Aidan Zamiri, we watched and captured honest and passionate conversations.

The conversations did not stop there. Everyone was invited to ask anything to Pascal Brun, H&M’s Head of Sustainability, via DMs on Instagram. Thanks to a little digital magic, Pascal was able to answer every question personally and honestly.

The conversations took an experimental turn in IG Stories. We used this platform to pose a number of engaging questions to our audience and utilized all the latest features — and some that we invented — to create ‘choose your own adventure’ style Stories.

This global campaign was concepted, shot and delivered during the middle of a global pandemic. B-Reel and H&M worked closely together with creative consultants Sandberg & Timonen, director Aidan Zamiri and production company, Object & Animal.

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