Meet Sammi

Most virtual assistant are calm, collected, and pretty dull. So we asked ourselves, what if we created a virtual assistant that was more like a sidekick we actually wanted to hang out with?

Meet Sammi, an assistant with an attitude inspired by a Swedish grandmother. Like any good grandmother, Sammi tries to help you, but has her own ideas about what you really need. She sings, snores, and knits you things (using a built-in thermal printer), reminding you that sometimes the best technologies have a little bit of friction.



The Gorillaz App

When Gorillaz returned after after a six-year hiatus with the highly anticipated ‘Humanz', we created The Gorillaz App to allow fans to immerse themselves in the world of the band.

The mixed reality multi-platform app merged real world, AR, VR and 360 environments let people break through the looking glass and join Murdoc, 2D, Russel and Noodle for the very first time to explore the Spirit House and discover exclusive content.

[↑] Humanz House Party in 500 geotagged locations

The app also invited fans to the Humanz House Party, an exclusive worldwide listening event, giving them a chance to hear the new album in full for the first time, prior to general release. The Humanz House Party was the largest ever geo-specific listening experience, bringing people together across 500 locations from Tokyo to Santiago.