Moncler app

Moncler partnered with B-Reel to create a new and personalized shopping experience for mobile devices. More than a shop, the app is an inspiration celebrating the brand’s heritage as pioneers of protective, embracing and luxurious outerwear at the forefront of innovation and style.

With the modern user in mind, we set out to build an app where commerce, product storytelling and content could live together as a seamless inspirational experience. To achieve this goal we chose an omnidirectional navigation that lets users swipe both horizontal and vertical, enabling a more fluid way to explore the content.

[↑] Omni-directional navigation

[↑] Design system based on modular content units

We developed a design system based on modular content units, as well as a custom content tagging system. With these building blocks in place, we could dynamically curate stories on each app open, tailored to the user and their interests. This also allowed for more options for putting together editorial stories - from product focused narratives to in-depth interviews with Moncler Genius collaborators.


Google Pixel Wallpapers

For over 6+ years, we’ve worked with the Pixel Team at Google to conceptualize and build interactive and generative Wallpapers. Each Wallpaper is a calming, delightful portrait of the technical smarts behind Pixel.

Some Wallpapers provide ambient information about your phone through subtle visualizations, while others react to changes in the environment.

Imagine: a flower that blossoms as you reach for your phone, abstract visuals that dance with the sound of your music, and even a real-time visualization of Earth that reminds you of your place in the world.