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H&M has released annual designer collaborations since the early 2000's and B-Reel has been fortunate to play a part in many of them. For the 2018 collaboration with Moschino, we raised the bar and designed an Instagram world-first. By connecting a diverse mix of influencers under the MOSCHINO TV concept, we led an ever-growing horde of followers from one influencer’s poptastic post to the next, and the next and the next, eventually landing in the arms of H&M in previously unseen numbers.

The core campaign concept - MOSCHINO TV x H&M - turns mobile phones into small TVs, making people at the same time viewers and broadcasters. We brought the idea of zapping through channels into the social media age and let people discover Jeremy Scott’s colorful world of Moschino by jumping between different influencers’ Instagram profiles. To make this possible, we created unique films for each influencer and designed a tagging system that connected all the channels to H&M and Moschino.

By collaborating with a number of interesting influencers and artists, we could boost our reach while creating a mechanic that connected their native channels to each other. That way, we could let people seamlessly zap through Instagram in a way that has never been done before.

By creating a whole library of gifs featuring Jeremy Scott and accessories from the collection, we could set the campaign free, letting anyone play with the content in any way they wanted. In the month leading up to the launch, it also allowed us to reveal the collection piece by piece. The gifs were used across the world in Instagram Stories.

A few days before the collection drop, the campaign reached its crescendo at the launch event in New York, broadcasting the full fashion show live on Instagram and creating content in real-time using the #HMoschino library of gifs.


Once we had gotten everyone psyched about the collection, it was time to shop! We revealed a beautifully crafted e-commerce experience, featuring the full collection while ensuring a vibrant shopping experience worthy of the Moschino collaboration.

The collaboration is live on #HMoschino in social and on hm.com. Still in its early days, the reach has been tremendous as the campaign hashtag has reached an impressive 4.5 billion impressions.

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