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When Meg Whitman and Jeffery Katzenberg needed a partner to launch their new streaming platform, they turned to B-Reel.

Quibi is a first of its kind product, sharing premium short-form content exclusively on mobile. We helped design and launch Quibi’s website, the brand’s primary destination for building excitement among audiences and investors.

We created Quibi.com to be an extension of the product itself - a destination for new storytelling and discovery. Bold graphics combined with punchy, direct copy embody the brand’s daring personality. And modular sections position the site as a communications tool, prioritizing content based on the organizational needs within Quibi. The site’s flexible, component-based system extends Quibi’s visual language for applications on the web.

(a) All shows, (b) Show page

Quibi introduced itself to the world in a big way—with a primetime Super Bowl spot featuring Chance The Rapper. Traffic to Quibi.com spiked, driving unprecedented video views and Quibi Insider signups. Traffic has continued to grow steadily since the Super Bowl with support from a star-studded media run.

The brand’s proposition to consumers is simple—Quick Bites, Big Stories. But how can we reiterate this sentiment in design? We landed on a custom video treatment with knocked-out type to unveil content. And as the product moved closer to launch, we inverted the treatment to emphasize the video with blocked out type.

Quibi is a modern platform delivering on the needs of today’s consumers—concise, quality content on mobile devices. With consumers living constantly on the go, Quibi offers an entertainment solution without sacrificing quality and production value. The multi-phased website built excitement among audiences and investors alike while expressing Quibi’s unique brand voice.

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