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The first web experience to match the emotional power of a song. Songs hits an emotional chord that few other art forms can. Working with Arcade Fire, director Chris Milk and Google Creative Lab, we challenged ourselves to create a web experience that matched the power of the music.


The Wilderness Downtown is an interactive music video that dynamically incorporates the viewer’s childhood home. It uses the Google Maps API to pull imagery from your hometown, so the streets in the experience are the real ones you grew up on.

The Wilderness Downtown showcased the emotional possibilities of the web and ushered in a new style of storytelling: videos designed to be uniquely personal to each viewer.

"The biggest, most influential website in over a decade."

Rob Ford, FWA

"Straddling the line between technical pizzazz with good old-fashioned emotional storytelling."


"The We Used To Wait site is another huge step forward into an interactive future for music videos."

Creative Review

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