This is Storytel

A global campaign that brings to life the core of listening to Storytel through a simple and human metaphor: a mouth whispering into an ear. This campaign shows a number of mouths and ears in all sorts of settings, situations and feelings — A simple visual that illustrates the excitement, joy and wisdom that Storytel gives its millions of listeners everyday.


Google Pixel Wallpapers

For over 6+ years, we’ve worked with the Pixel Team at Google to conceptualize and build interactive and generative Wallpapers. Each Wallpaper is a calming, delightful portrait of the technical smarts behind Pixel.

Some Wallpapers provide ambient information about your phone through subtle visualizations, while others react to changes in the environment.

Imagine: a flower that blossoms as you reach for your phone, abstract visuals that dance with the sound of your music, and even a real-time visualization of Earth that reminds you of your place in the world.