Carolina Herrera

For 40+ years, the Carolina Herrera brand has maintained its classic, elegant reputation as a strong female-led luxury brand. We began our partnership to help write the next chapter and speak to an emerging group of luxury customers. This meant rethinking how the brand connects and moves with modern culture.

We created a vision for the Carolina Herrera brand, kickstarting their first direct-to-consumer experience and rethinking their entire digital ecosystem. We developed the strategy, concepts, design and development all within our team, ensuring the fidelity of our ideas across every touchpoint.

With so many emerging cosmetic and fashion brands, we needed to elevate the brand and experience. One of the platform's marquee launch features was a make-up configurator that allows customers to customize and purchase the brand's iconic lipsticks and compacts.

Using an AR filter, directly from your computer camera, users can explore anything from texture and shade while customizing caps and cases, including exterior flourishes such as tassels, bangles, and charms. We created a new, mobile interface with social-friendly asset ratios, giving Carolina Herrera maximum content usage across platforms.

Through an innovative approach, our live interactive e-comm sessions transform beauty influencers into salespeople, in order to increase platform traffic and conversions. 

The platform is the foundation for the brand’s digital experience and sets the stage for powerful new product launches. It served as the platform to launch Carolina Herrera’s 212 Heroes fragrance, a strategic priority for the business in 2021.

We were challenged to sell scent during a time when people are reluctant to leave their home, let alone enjoy the act of smelling. We developed try-on features that deliver fragrances straight to your home, as well as additional free samples automatically added to your cart according to your shopping behaviors to inspire future purchases.

We developed an innovative way to tell the 212 Heroes story. A fragrance that pays homage to the “inner hero,” the powerful youthful zest of a generation of consumers that defy conventions and fight for what they stand for. The perfume is contained inside a unique skateboard-shaped bottle, so we designed an interactive game to bring the daring world of 212 Heroes to life in 3D, by taking players on a journey through the streets of New York atop a skateboard of their choice.

To increase buzz around the game with the brand target audience, various Twitch influencers played the game and shared it on their channels. The campaign resulted in tripling the average time spent on the Carolina Herrera site.

Response to this new era of the brand has been overwhelmingly positive, with press coverage in the likes of WWD, Vogue Business, and Luxury Daily. We have the pleasure of continuing to work with this iconic brand, pushing its platforms further into the spotlight.



MAKING H&M part of the conversation Through craft ⚡️ tech ⚡️ culture.

H&M’s business relies on their ability to stay relevant. We have partnered for over 15 years to help drive innovation in how they show up and connect with customers across their organization.


We’re helping cement H&M as a leader in fashion through global campaigns across a range of different topics. From reinventing how to talk about key collections like H&M Man, to exploring new ways to think about PRIDE that places the LGBTQI+ community first, and H&M second.


[↑] AR filters with Mabel for H&M x Kangol.

Launching designer collaborations isn’t about the volume of product sales (they sell out in minutes), it’s about finding the shared space between both brands, and bringing that space to life through eye-popping social activations and experiences.

[↑] Channel zapping with H&M x Moschino.