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A story of grit and determination in Nike's latest "Dream crazier" spot

Published a year agoProjects

"The ones who say you can't are the reason why you must"

As an athlete, Alex Roca Campillo has many times been asked if he's crazy. Staring the physical challenges of his cerebral palsy right in the face, he used tremendous grit and determination to overcome it all and take him all the way to the 600 km long cycling race through the Moroccan desert: The Titan Desert Race.

In 2018, he became the first athlete with the disability to ever attempt the race but had to withdraw halfway through because of dehydration. In 2019, he was back, and we had the great privilege of following him as he prepared for the race, resulting in a video for Nike's Instagram TV as part of their "Dream Crazier" campaign. We are so proud to have been allowed to follow on his incredible journey.


And you know what, this time around, he finished.