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B-Reel 2020

Published a month agoNews

In December, we celebrated our 20th birthday and just as anyone who’s leaving the teens, we felt we were due for a little makeover. So here’s our new look!

We hope that it reflects who we are; our values and structure. In other words, flexible, practical, playful. Basically, straight talk. No bullshit. 

The identity carries these principles into a graphical toolbox that should be simple to use. We wanted to make our tools work for us, leaning into how they work with minimal intervention to influence the visual identity. 

With that simplicity, any expressive gesture sticks out, which is why it reveals playful unicode characters, idiosyncratic color combinations and sticker-like shapes that give a little nod to internet culture. 

Individually, they’re just samples. But together, they work to create a visual language that is unique and can be recombined to match the vast range of work we do and stuff we’re interested in.