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How to stay creative while working from home

Published 10 months agoNews

These days, it’s more important than ever to feel creative even at home. For that reason, our Group ECD Johan Dahlqvist was invited to share his thoughts on how best to keep the creative juices flowing, in Muse by Clio. Here’s what he said:

Look for UNWANTED impressions. An office, at its best, is the opposite of the Netflix AI. It serves up the stuff you don't think you want or need, whether you like it or not. You need those, to bump into your own insights or rational things from the brief. Without the office, you need to get it elsewhere.

If your office collaboration is built on Google tools and Slack, the transition to home works relatively well—as long as people feel uninhibited, generous with feedback and good at receiving it. You have to be comfortable with momentary Google-doc chaos and up the crazy in your Slack channels. Embrace the unwanted stuff!

Create random in-betweens. You can't "think" your way into something creative. Creativity "happens." In between high-pressure tasks, in the invisible moment when the swinging pendulum stands completely still.

In the office, it can be walking up the stairs, flushing the toilet, waiting for a halloumi burger. So you have to create those, and you can only shower so many times in a day. Chop up the day into segments, force yourself to switch, surprise the brain with moments of micro in-betweens.

Read the full article and learn what other creative leaders in the biz are thinking here.

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