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Helping The International Exchange build a generation of conscious leaders 

Published a year agoProjects

The International Exchange has been connecting the private sector with the social sector since 2007, with the focus on building better, more conscious leaders while contributing to social good. The TIE program gives young leaders a specific assignment and arms them with the resources and mentorship they need to effectively apply their skills to international development efforts. 

Now, more than ever, social projects around the world need support while the pandemic has professionals cooped up at home, full of energy and desire for purpose. In the wake of COVID-19 disrupting movement across the globe, we collaborated with TIE, and its unyielding founder Philippa White, to pivot the business and tap into a new audience. We found early on that there was an opportunity to further TIE’s mission and create a program that would allow international, cross-disciplinary collaborations to continue virtually. 

The Accelerator program—a 6-week virtual group development and leadership course—is launched at a time when there’s real need for international development projects that lead to lasting social impact. Beginning as a response to a changing world, it now sits at the heart of TIE’s global operations.

We’re proud to have developed the Accelerator program and to launch it at a time when it’s desperately needed, and we’re excited about its potential to impact the lives of participants and social initiatives around the world alike.

This pivot is a testament to the tenacity of the TIE community of young leaders and organizations working for social good. Read more about the initiative and sign up for the Accelerator program here.

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