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The News-Reel #5

Published a year agoCulture

Your weekly toe-dip into the world of tech, culture and creativity.

Brand Actions

Vimeo celebrates small businesses impacted by the pandemic with the video series ‘Stories in Place’.

Each featured business and their filmmaker received $5,000 from Vimeo to produce their videos in 12 days.

DTC brand Judy just released a Tiger King-inspired emergency kit.

The new ‘Tiger Safe’ “features emergency essentials curated by top survival experts”.

Stories and Entertainment

Elon Musk named his new baby boy ‘X Æ A-12’ and the Internet is seeking answers.

‘X Ash Archangel’ appears to be the forerunner, for now.

Stay fluffy, friends.

See how this sheep escaped a farm for the mountains and grew 60 pounds of protective wool.

Business and Tech

NASA just confirmed the next Tom Cruise film to be shot in space.

Filming will take place aboard the International Space Station.

This “Tinder for mom friends” app just raised $12M in series A funding during the crisis. 

Peanut is a social networking platform that is growing with 1.6M women strong.

Industry and Client

Daniel Radcliffe, amongst others, is doing audio readings of Harry Potter, available now on Spotify.

Radcliffe narrates chapter one, “The Boy Who Lived.”

Office reunions are not quite happening yet, but Netflix is launching one in Space (Force).

The new workplace comedy ‘Space Force’ led by Steve Carell, will start streaming May 29.

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