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The News-Reel #8

Published a year agoCulture

Your weekly toe-dip into the world of tech, culture and creativity.

Brand Actions

Crayola released a new skin tone-inspired crayon box to progress inclusion in creativity.

Colors of the World was crafted to represent over 40 global skin tones across the world.

Burger King is handing out giant paper crowns to customers in Germany to encourage social distancing.

It’s actually not such a terrible idea at this point.

Stories and Entertainment

Pixar just released their first film with an openly gay protagonist.

The short film ‘Out’ follows a gay man’s path to moving into the city with his boyfriend while being accepted by his parents. 

Poolside.fm is the online pit-stop you never knew you needed.

“Summer serotonin slaps.”

Business and Tech

TikTok users are growing up, much of it thanks to the quarantine.

The social platform has seen growth amongst Millennials as they have a lot more time at home to create content.

Here’s where you can live-stream the SpaceX launch today.

For the first time, a private company is flying NASA astronauts to the ISS.

Design and Fashion

A graphic tape system is allowing socially distanced dining, shopping, and public seating in Singapore.

“This new visual language almost feels like this surreal, city-wide, community-driven art project.”

Why Gucci going seasonless could change fashion forever.

Gucci is abandoning the traditional runway model and aiming to focus on gender-fluidity.

Image source | AIGA

Industry and Client

Adidas just designed a reusable face mask.

Made from breathable recycled material, Face Covers can be washed and reused.

Škoda’s latest ‘Shot At Home’ campaign features replica mini cars.

Flour dunes, checkerboards, bubble baths and more are fully navigable with their all-terrain SUV vehicles.

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