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The News-Reel #1

Published a month agoCulture

As we're heading into the Easter weekend, here's your weekly toe-dip into the world of tech, culture and creativity.

Brand Actions

H&M in talks to find ways to support Bangladesh factory workers.

The company is exploring solutions to help garment workers out of work “from a health and financial perspective.”

American Express partners with Hilton to donate 1 million hotel rooms for frontline medical workers.

Free rooms will be available to doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics, and all other medical staff for sleeping, and to isolate themselves from their families.

Above | Andre Benz

Stories and Entertainment

TikTok’s latest “mugshot challenge” trend is taking a lot of heat - here’s why.

Users are taking offense to the new trend as it may glamorize incarceration and be insensitive to racial profiling and police brutality.

Anxiety, friendships and Jeff Bezos - all in one comic strip.

UK-based Clarice Tudor is “taking ugly feelings and making them more digestible” with her wholesome and self-deprecating comics.

People on Twitter are losing their minds over this theater reaction vid for #AvengersEndgame.

A Tweet about the audience reaction to the Marvel movie went viral and people are longing for the theaters of yesteryear.

Above | Identity Crisis Star by Clarice Tudor

Business and Tech

WhatsApp to restrict message sharing to combat fake news.

WhatsApp just announced that any message forwarded more than five times will disable users from forwarding it to more than one chat at a time.

Dating app Hinge launches ‘Date from Home’ feature.

Users can tap a button asking if they are ready for a video call date.

Above | Hinge Date from Home

Industry and Client

Quibi’s new shows, ranked here.

IndieWire ranks the 24 shows making their debut on Quibi, with a breakdown of what you might be getting yourself into with each show.

Sipping on coffee, chilling with cheetahs. Louis Vuitton was clearly onto something.

Louis Vuitton is alluring followers at home to daydream about distant lands and vistas with a throwback to their #SpiritOfTravel campaigns.

Above | Quibi

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