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The News-Reel #3

Published a month agoCulture

Here is your weekly toe-dip into the world of tech, culture and creativity.

Brand Actions

Ikea finally drops the recipe for their Swedish meatballs — with assembly instructions.

Ikea UK just posted their secret meatball and sauce recipe on its Twitter.

McDonald’s is offering free “Thank You Meals” to all healthcare workers in the US, starting today for two weeks.

The fast food franchise is offering these meals in Happy Meal boxes at participating locations.

Above | IKEA UK

Stories and Entertainment

Elmo is getting his own “Not-Too-Late” talk show on HBO Max.

The family-friendly talk show on HBO’s latest streaming service will air early evenings as “Elmo’s bedtime is 7:30.”

Creative procrastination, at its finest.

Bob your head in particle land and let it all out on a paint-like physics simulation. 

Above | Léo Chéron

Business and Tech

Uber is launching Uber Connect and Uber Direct if you need extra toilet paper delivered or want to send out a care package.

Pivoting its business by “moving packages, not people,” Uber’s new services will be available in over 25 cities across the US, Mexico and Australia.

Animal Crossing has become a safe haven for people and streetwear during the pandemic.

With people living out their ideal lives on the game and streetwear making a virtual comeback, more brands may come into play on the media channel. 

Above | Nintendo

Industry and Client

Louis Vuitton is targeting at-home fitness with their luxury jump ropes and leather wine bags.

Among others, the luxury fashion house is selling jump ropes, “lustrous metal” dumbbells and wine holders for picnics for its new Sporting Goods line.

Vox Media launches a show dedicated to the coronavirus called “Answered” on Quibi.

Each episode will focus on a topic related to the pandemic in a short and compelling format.

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